"Meet With Me."

Grow Your Business Ideas. Grow Your Business.

"You seek out powerful, face to face conversations with like-minded business people totally enthused and willing to share their business success stories and awesome expertise with you. "I'll do that!"

  • Business Branding
  • Project Planning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Networking Strategies
  • Fun At Work / Mental Health
  • Staff Engagement / Just Friends
  • Business Development
  • Career Development
  • Team Development
  • And More, Much More!

Be Challenged & Engaged For A Different Kind Of Conversation

  • Explore Non-Traditional Ideas That Really Matter And Make A Difference.
  • Kickstart Fresh Thinking That Shifts “What Is” To “What Could Be.”
  • Take-Aways That Keep You Awake At Night With Possibilities!

"Meet With Me."

Grow Your Business Ideas. Grow Your Business.

  • Trusted Entrepreneur & Sounding Board For Insightful Feedback
  • Sparkplug For Creative Perspectives & Fresh Ideas
  • Immediate & On-Demand “Help Desk”
  • Budget Friendly & No Need For Long Term Investment
  • Professional Team Facilitation

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Awesome Testimonials!

"I continue to access Robert’s services for numerous staff projects. His expertise in providing direction, creativity and amazing energy always ensures that our staff projects are both effective and enjoyable."

Senior Manager

"I hope he has those good donuts again!"

Business Owner

"Robert has the ability to ask the right questions and to get you thinking creatively about your business or project. He helped me see a creative angle for marketing my product that was right under my nose. Robert will always bring a fresh perspective to any conversation and get you drawing outside the lines."

HR Professional

"I have met with Robert Manolson on a couple of occasions to discuss business ideas I was considering. Our meetings were productive and helped me to zero in on what I considered to be the best plan moving forward."

Business Owner

"Thank you Robert. Our meeting had great value for me. Verbally sharing my thought process with you instead of keeping the tape playing in my head was something that I needed to do. By talking out loud with you as you listened to my process resulted in my own points of view sounding different yet refreshed."


"I benefitted from the vast array of experiences that you bring to the table and I learned from you. Your feedback on whether or not I’m making sense left me feeling very good about everything."

Team Leader

"You definitely understand my excitement and because of that, I don’t feel awkward about it. Thank you. What stayed with me after the meeting is that your feedback enabled me to have clarity of vision. You confirmed that I have the ability to make quick changes."

Regional Manager

Robert Manolson, BA, CCDP

Creator & Facilitator